See the praise and testimonials of my past clients =)



I have made considerable progress in my recovery after a complex multiple fracture and wrist Surgery – all attributable to the awesome hand therapists at Phoenix . Nigel is warm, encouraging, positive and communicative therapists genuinely interested and committed to patient care and improvement. They make such effective use of therapy time to empower me to take steps forward. The outcomes are encouraging and i trust my recovery on their hands – great team – thanks to all of you ! The front office staff are also very warm and easy to work with – Thanks

Neysa Putri

Nigel helped me a lot with my recovery from a broken wrist injury. I’m so happy with my progress over the couple months. From not being able to even tie my hair to now being able to do push up without any pain.
My wrist movement almost back to normal now.
He’s really good at what he does and he also have a positive attitude 🙂


Highly recommended. Nigel did a good job. He is very experienced and professional. My injured wrist recovered up to over 95%. The staffs are friendly and clinic looks clean and well equipped too.


Hey Nigel, thank you for all the fun, joy, laughters and not forgetting the pain throughout my therapy sessions. There were moments where I wanted to hit you back for the amount of pain you inflicted on me but I couldn’t bear to because of the sincerity shown through your smiles. These sessions will never be the same without you. Once again, I thank you for the enjoyable sessions !


Dislocated my elbow…was referred to them for physiotherapy. I have seen Shiv, Nigel and Sharon…and all three are super professional and warm too!!! They serve with their hearts, and not just with their minds – and that’s what I like about them. =)


I have a problem in the wrist and elbow that has been interfering with my activities for almost 1.5 years. My specialist doctor recommended me to Nigel to relieve my hand muscles. he was very friendly and helped me to ease the pain without taking a pain killer. Thank you so much Nigel!


Nigel has been great from the first day of my appt. Very cheerful and knowledgeable. He knew exactly what was wrong with my fingers and helped me with my problem. I must say he’s the first doctor I’m happy to see bcos I feel he’s honest and humble. I believe my fingers will recover under his care with patience and time.
Nigel thks once again. You’re great. Cheers!!!

Dr Lynn, Eye Surgeon

I had a great experience with Phoenix Rehab for physio on my thumb injury. Nigel, hand therapist, was knowledgeable and caring, and my hand therapy sessions helped me a lot.
His attention to detail and sincerity also instilled confidence and trust. The staff at the centre were friendly and helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend this outfit and their practitioners to anyone who needed Physio and/or hand therapy.


Working with Phoenix Rehab was an incredible experience. Nigel was super understanding about my specific situation and the timeframe that I was working with. His flexibility and experience was invaluable. Additionally, each session was actively enjoyable due to Nigel’s positive attitude.


Dr Nigel Chua is treating me for rehab therapy on my trigger thumb. He’s very thorough yet gentle and very detailed in explaining every actions taken of the exercise applied. Dr Nigel is very knowledgeable and imparted his knowledge for my understanding on my progress expected. He’s very friendly and jovial too on top of his professionalism. He makes the therapy session a thoroughly enjoyable one whilst dispensing his care & expertise in exercising my thumb. He’s very clever and natural at making me overlook the pain that inevitably comes with the exercise by his patience & good nature. I come scared and apprehensive of the therapy session, I leave happy, relieved(of pain) and assured of my recovery ahead. I look forward to the next session. Many Thanks, Dr Nigel – you’re a Jem.