Hello and welcome to HandPainNoMore.com!

My name is Nigel, and I’m the founder of this site as well as am a practicing hand therapist since 2005 – I’ve seen, assessed and treated tens thousands of painful hands, fingers, wrists, forearms and elbows due to orthopedic and sports injuries and conditions.

I created this site for a few reasons, which includes

  • many of my hand therapy patients often come to me confused because there are so much information (information overload)
  • there are so much misinformation and conflicting information out there online and even by others who dont know shit about hand pain and how to get it to heal
  • they have tried dozens of things but nothing works

…in the end, these tired and confused hand pain sufferers decides to suffer in silence and endure the pain…BUT the bloody pain is not getting better! In fact, it seems to be getting worse with time!

Hand pain is a shitty thing to have…and can be downright depressive if not dealt with quickly.

Don’t fret – I’m here to help you. As I shared earlier – I specialize in treating painful orthopedic and sports finger, hand, wrist and elbow conditions.

This means that if you have any pains in the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint pains of your fingers, hands, wrists and elbows – I’m the guy who can help you fix it.

Where to next?

Download the free guide I wrote to help hand pain sufferers heal their hand pain naturally without injections or surgeries here.

Talk soon!




Founder, HandPainNoMore.com

Principal Hand Therapist