About HandPainNoMore.com

I started Hand Pain No More because there are just so many hand pain sufferers who are misinformed, lost and overwhelmed by the thousands of conflicting information available out there online and given by well-meaning people who just don’t know what’s right from wrong for painful hand conditions and injuries.

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About Nigel Chua

Hey there – I’m Nigel, and I’m a hand occupational therapist (we usually call it hand therapists since 2005) and professionally, all I specialize in, is diagnosing, assessing and treating painful hand injuries and conditions – since 2005.

These include finger, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow injuries to:

  • bones (fractures be it simple or complex, bone bruises)
  • muscles (partial or full ruptures)
  • tendons (partial or full ruptures; tendinitis; tendinosis; tendon repair)
  • ligaments (partial or full ruptures; ligament sprains; ligament repair)
  • cartilage (partial or full ruptures; cartilage sprains; cartilage repair)
  • skin (open wound, scarring)

Since 2005, I’ve seen and treated tens of thousands of painful, stiff, debilitating and downright annoying fingers, hands, wrists, forearm and elbows injuries and conditions

My #1 goals in hand therapy are mainly to achieve a 95-100% full recovery in

  • movement
  • function / use
  • sports

And I still love treating patients till today  Рand I will not give up on you or your hand injuries, ever. I am currently managing a specialist multi-disciplinary orthopedic and sports team with physiotherapy, hand therapy, TCM, massage and more at Phoenix Rehab Group in Singapore.